Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Video Production Sessions

Okay, so far we've covered Information Technology, Ethical Issues, Digital Imaging and I've managed to create a blog and make postings on it. Some where in there is a flickr account as well (I hope). The next thing is the video session, whioch was quite fun to make. This is what we did, in case you want to give it ago yourself;
The Task- self was to select a topic for the video, it might be over coming adversity, discuss with our fellow film makers what this means and how it might be portrayed, with out the use of sound, decide who was doing what. Check out the camera and accompanying equipment, so that you know where stop and go is, and how to zoom in/out and pan the camera. Ok so far so good. Next is the story board and script. The story board is a sequence of small thunbnial boxes on paper, in these boxes we are to depict each scene whe invisage that will tell the story, the amount of boxes used is dependent on how long your video is. In our case it was only 30seconds, its quite along time when trying to do it right though. So, in each box draw a basic picture of whats going on in that scene, breaking the film idea down into lots of little pictures, now decide exactly what it is your character should say and do, what message are they trying to get across here, write and discribe this below each box. Now that you know fairly clearly what you films about and what each persons doiing you can now go forth and give it ago.
Having been out and made yourself feel like a complete idiot (who wants to be a movie star now!)you now need to up load the video from camera to computer, edit it , add any desired effects e.g sound track, colour effects, speed, and removed any undesirable footage, like that bit where you were caught picking your nose on film, I know you thought no-one was looking, but there it is in black and white (or colour) for every one to see. Just imagine if that made it to face book, reputations can be made or destroyed in the blink of a button, this is whats meant by cosent and inappropriate use of images. Back to the objective, O.K. your videos the fits the time length given, effects have been added, bloopers removed, you're ready to up load on to your blogg page and thats where it all starts getting a bit sticky for me. I think you've got to put on to a USB memory stick and then I'm not to sure, so will have to go give it a try watch this space........ hmmm, found the video up load button think, its the one at the top of the screen you write in when posting your blogg, its got a littlle picture of a piece of film on it, only now I've lost my USB stick so I'm going to finish up this post here and get back to you, when I can, on posting up you video on your blogg, see you later.

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