Saturday, May 14, 2011

Tuitorial Six: The Internet and on line communnities

In this blog we are to choose 3 on line communities , provide the addresses and make comments on their purosoe etc. So to start here are said on line communities:

Trademe -
Facebook -
Youtube _

A brief description:
Trademe is a web site solely for the purpose of buying and selling items that someone is either trying to make a profit on or just wants the best price they can get by reaching the widest possible market population.And the buyer is after the best deal they can get. All abit of as risky business with no recall, no refund, and no guarantee that you're gonna get what you thought you were, in fact you can end up with no money and nothing to show for it !
Facebook appears to be a way of catching up or keeping up with the goss, who's' doing what where how or how often. Its possible to up date mates by posting photos and leaving messages. Its kinda like keeping a public dairy which lots of people can read so you only have to write one letter/post to keep in touch with everyone, instead of writing heaps of them and then paying for postage. I don"t like the idea of being out there in the public eye, at least that's how it makes me feel and I get pretty annoyed with those darned messages that keep telling me I've got mail, much rather a yak over coffee.
YouTube seems to be away of sharing info as well. You can post videos of your mates doing something they'd rather forget and wish everyone Else would, or for a more useful way of sharing interesting and helpful information.

How interactive are they?

Trademe is a two way interaction in the exchange of information and posting bids. Further product information can be gathered by asking questions on the site of interest, but its pretty much just for buying and selling purposes.

Facebook and Youtube tend to be delayed interaction, not like a phone call where the response is immediate, but faster than waiting for a reply to a letter.Youtube does have the added advantage of being able to post up pretty much anyone or thing, this isn't really an advantage to who ever might be in the video, if they'd rather not have been caught on screen. I'm not to sure on the legalities of this pass t9me but it seems to pretty loose, judging by some of the stuff up there. But some of the sites are a treasure trove of shared information. But still not the same as sitting down and having a face to face discussion.

Why might people contribute to the sight and what are they seeking?
Well trademes obviously one seeking to sell something for the best price, and reach the largest market they can. The other is trying to buy something for the best possible price without having to leave the comfort of their living room to do it. But you can certainly save yourself a fair amount of money if you're willing to take the risk.
Facebook is people wanting to stay in touch, when distance or time is an obstacle and they're seeking to inform a large group of people, covering a large geographical area quickly and easily.
Youtube contributors are really just wanting to share experiences and info with the rest of the world not particularly aimed at making contact with anyone in particular. Aside from having a desire to inform others about things of similar interest, I'm not to sure why people put some of the stuff up their that they do.All three sites are sharing information, but only trademe and Facebook are reciprocal. Facebook you can reply and discuss in a disjointed way, trademe is reciprocal in sharing information.

The thing about these sites is that its hard to govern legalities of consent, honesty and inappropriate use of information. On trademe you could think you're paying for a great product like the car that's perfect for you, only to get it home and find the motors not exactly good to go. But its buyer beware so these no refund and comeback, its a risky business.
Facebook you can say whatever you want about anyone or publicly harass and abuse somebody without ever giving your identity away.
A major benefit to using these sites is the global coverage you can access, and the numbers of contacts that can be made, although you can only bid on trademe if you have a
new Zealand bank account.

The problem I find with communicating online is the lack of personal interaction, these not the immediate feedback that is apparent in face to face contact. These this barrier there that prohibits that bouncing of ideas and genuineness that you get face to face. The writing and the screen seem to me to be a barrier to honest interpersonal interaction, and in a way its pretty isolating communicating through a screen from your little space in the world. Great for sharing and accessing information you wouldn't normally have the opportunity to though.

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