Monday, May 2, 2011

Information Technology and Ethical Issues.

This posting covers a definition of information technology, it also discusses possible ethical issues surrounding the use of IT and also my own feeling toward using IT devices.
Information and information technology i.e., computers, telecommunication, gaming programmes are concerned with the use of technology in managing and processing information (http://en In my own words information technology (IT), is the way in which we use digital technology i.e., cameras, computers, mobile phones, diaries to store, process or gather information that we may require immediately or at a later date.
In to days society IT has almost become a way of life, some might say a 'lifeline', to maintaining contact and keeping in touch with our immediate circle of friends and wider community. IT also enables us to keep up with fast moving advances that are being made world wide in what ever area of work we are in. This is particularly relevant to the area of health and science, as an occupational therapist new ways of approaching client issues and therapies are at our finger tips through the advances of the information technology available to us in today's world and the computer age, e-mail, skype, fax, the Internet, mobile phones and even Internet access through your mobile! Not to mention wireless laptop, the use of camera and video on phones and the transportability via memory stick of information, the list is endless and ever growing. However, in our insatiable desire for bigger, better faster we have forgotten one crucial criteria that enables the use of IT, electricity, the power, in a power cut may you be blessed with a infallible back up system!
Of course the other key criteria to the use of IT as a tool, is education and level of competency. I, myself, detest using computers, hence my reluctance to participate in this particular paper. The reason for this almost allergic reaction to all things computer? Lack of familiarity and education in the area of computer use, this then kicks high rising levels of anxiety and discomfort, which I would rather avoid where possible, thus I try to avoid the computer when possible. But, you know, since I've been studying I've gotten allot better, I no longer panic at the though of digitally dropboxing assignments, I can send and receive email, and am a dab hand with my cell phone, in fact, like so many others I'd be lost without it. So we can see that its just a matter of education and becoming familiar with the unfamiliar, the old dog being open to learning new tricks. Today's generation need have no fear, well they don't have any because ITs built into there world, our world, today's world.
The use IT in occupational Therapy is evident in the use of bloggs, youtube and other forms of information sharing. Emailing, photographic and video information can be made immediately available via various forms of IT. When using these forms of information sharing issues of consent confidentiality and intellectual property need to be considered. File information can be made accessible to others which should remain confidential.
Intellectual property refers to to the legal entitlement attached to certain types of information, ideas or subject matter of the person(s) using such information.
Social justice is the accessibility of the use of IT to all individuals and groups regardless of disability or functional abilities, it refers to 'fair treatment ' or giving everyone in the population a 'just share'.
Informed consent is the the given agreement of those involved in the information sharing that they have a clear understanding of the process and risk involved in the process.

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